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From the simple and comfortable burger to the sublime sumptuous flavors of far off lands, food is a universal language. Culinary tours give you the opportunity to discover authentic cuisines, indulge in flavors that will create the memories of a lifetime. Take time with each bite and share the grand experience with friends old and new.

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In the mood for something exotic?

Consider a culinary tour of Japan

From the moment you arrive in Japan, you are struck by the refined balance of a modern society rooted in centuries-old traditions. The ornate carvings of ancient shrines are illuminated by the glow of city lights; the brightly-colored fashions of Harajuku are contrasted by the elegance of traditional silk kimonos; and the sparse serenity of zen gardens provide a respite from bustling cities. Explore Japan’s culture through its cuisine and discover its vast treasures on one of our Japan food tours.

Bask in the verdant green of surrounding forests as you soak in geothermal hot springs. Join masters of age-old traditions as they share their ancient rituals. Tantalize your taste buds with world-renowned Japanese food that is just as beautiful to behold as it is exquisite to eat. 

Journey from bustling Tokyo to historic Kyoto. Along the way, discover the timeless villages and sacred pilgrimage routes of the Kii Peninsula, sample the delectable street food of Osaka, take part in a tea ceremony, cook a farm-to-table meal, and make meaningful connections with the kind and intriguing people of this island nation.

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Classic Journeys Taste of Tuscany


As you consider a culinary tour of Tuscany, here's some food for thought: which is the greater Italian treasure: Michelangelo's David or a perfect little gnocchi in butter with a confetti of fresh sage? We're only half-joking when we argue that the landmarks of Florence, Siena and Tuscany's gorgeous hilltowns barely distract us from the wonderful food of the region. So we've given in to our appetites and arranged a few special Tuscan culinary tour departures that emphasize the tastes of Tuscany. As with every Classic Journey, we've planned walks so you'll miss none of the historic or scenic high points. But we've also arranged visits to private and hotel kitchens for tips on how to create the classics of the Tuscan menu. We'll have tastings of wine and olive oil. Visit cheese makers and bakers. Experience firsthand how Italians cook and eat at home. (And just think how much more your friends will enjoy your snapshots when you serve them with that crostata di ricotta you whipped up for dessert.) New Year's Eve in Tuscany
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