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Dreamerz Adventure

Say thank you with an experience. We offer over 70 options from skydiving to dinner cruises.

Choose that exciting adventure or give the gift of choice with a gift certificate.

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Dreamerz Gifts- Great for Instant Rewards

Hand out a gift card with a catalog. Just the experience of choosing that special something brings a smile.

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Dreamerz Weekend

Hard work and great results deserve great rewards. Dream Weekendz are personalized 2-4 getaways crafted for each recipient.

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Dreamerz Journey

When someone has gone above and beyod the reward should be the same. Whether its a Caribbean cruise. a family trip to Disney world, a week in Paris or anywhere around the world, we can make the dream come true.

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Experience & Travel Incentives

 Your Path to Productivity & Profit


The ROI of THANK YOU! or GOOD JOB! is underestimated by most of us.
Yet 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their 
efforts were appreciated.

When THANK YOU! /GOOD JOB! includes an experience, a weekend away 
or the trip of a lifetime the benefits are double sided. Your business 
cultivates a loyal and harworking employee and the employee has a  
renewed sense of value as well as being refreshed from a bit of time off.

Whether you are seeking a way to reward that good review or an 
instant THANK YOU! for a surprise accomplishment Unique Travel Events
can provide the experience that fits the person and your budget.

Let us create the reward program that works for you!

Our latest analysis, which includes
 more than 10,000 business units 

and more than 30 industries,
 has found that individuals who receive
 regular recognition and praise:
increase their individual productivity
increase engagement
 among their colleagues
 more likely to stay 
with their organization
receive higher loyalty and 
satisfaction scores from customers

have better safety records
 and fewer accidents on the job . . .