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From the simple and comfortable burger to the sublime sumptuous flavors of far off lands, food is a universal language. Culinary tours give you the opportunity to discover authentic cuisines, indulge in flavors that will create the memories of a lifetime. Take time with each bite and share the grand experience with friends old and new.

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In the mood for something exotic?

Consider a culinary tour of Croatia

From ancient walled cities to glistening turquoise waters, Croatia is a country of contrasts. Eastern traditions mingle with European sophistication while a Mediterranean climate gives way to serene lakes and forested mountains. Meanwhile, the uniquely blended cuisine illuminates centuries of cultural influences and beckons you to explore on one of our sumptuous Croatia culinary tours.  

Journey to the far coast of the Adriatic, where authentic Dalmatian markets, ancient ruins, and classic hill towns await you. On our Croatia culinary tour, you’ll cook alongside welcoming locals whose home-prepared meals reflect a diversity of Italian, Turkish, Hungarian and Austrian styles. Along the way, you’ll dive into Croatia’s multifaceted heritage with a traditional truffle hunt, a boat ride to a private island, and excursions to some of Croatia’s most iconic cities and Roman ruins.

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Classic Journeys Bon Appetit Provence

Provence is a food lover's dream par excellence. Imagine walking in thyme-scented countryside, ambling home from the market with mesh bags full of amazing produce, and pouring an extra splash of wine to prolong an evening on the terrace.  You'll live the Provençal lifestyle for a week in a captivating sampling of the region’s finest small hotels, most engaging locals, and most delicious cuisine. Every day, there's something new as you visit hilltop villages and walk to Roman ruins and an ochre quarry.  Best of all, the week includes four cooking instruction sessions. You’ll get tips and secrets to Provençal cooking from a local chef…meet the farmers and artisans for whom the area is justifiably famous…visit local markets…and be welcomed to a private wine-tasting at Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s finest cellar.  Most of all, you’ll get a complete and very personal taste of life in the sunny, storied south of France.
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