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Testimonials for Unique Travel Events

Bring Tears To Her Eyes On Valentine’s Day

"As a business professional, I can tell you first hand how hard it is to keep up with my daily tasks and still make time for planning for the events that are most important to me. I never really knew the power of Unique Events until I had Andrea make Valentines Day special for the Lady of my life. Andrea, owner of Unique Events, brought tears to her eyes with the Uniqueness she offers. Unique Events ability to plan effectively, understand her client needs and most of all be Dependable ensured Valentine’s Day was not just another day. . . but one to remember . . . Thank You, Unique Events"

~ Roosevelt Williams, Owner/Majestic Mobile Detail Inc.



Romantic Anniversaries That Incorporates All That You Are Together

"Andrea is THE person if you want something planned. I don’t care what timezone you’re in! She’s worked on several projects for me, but the most recent was our 10 year anniversary. We couldn’t afford to go to Italy this year like we wanted (gas prices…yuck), yet she planned out something more meaningful than we could have ever done ourselves. AND, she took the stress out of it! We were able to include our son for part of the day, then spend the rest of it doing things that meant something to us…and ended with the most beautiful renewal ceremony we could have imagined. (A true minister who incorporated ALL we are!!!!) I even told him I’d wished I’d known him when we got married the FIRST time. He was that good! Dinner was divine. We had personal service, personal music and wonderful food. I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary and all well within the budget I’d set! Since we renew our vows every 5 years, Andrea is SET for business in that respect..."

~ Stacia Kelly




Honeymoon Romance To Last The Rest Of Your Lives

"Andrea, Thanks again for the delightful mini honeymoon you arranged for Meredith and I. Everything went very smoothly and we had a great time! The Colonial Gardens B&B was just right and dinner the night before at the Kitchen was amazing. You are the best!!"

~ Allan Weberg



Romantic Adventure on a Last Minute Weekend Off

"I mentioned to Andrea of Unique Events on a Wednesday that my husband actually had a weekend off and we would like to do something. She interviewed me after the meeting and had a local, complete surprise Saturday planned for us with packages to open, clues to solve an options of places to go. It was so relaxing and fun and my husband actually wrote to her expressed his gratitude which is huge!"

~ Beth and Marty Torre

A 10th Wedding Anniversary to Remember

"Andrea planned our 10th wedding anniversary weekend and hit the mark dead on. She interviewed my husband and me to learn our interests and relationship. The nuances she picked up on were what made the weekend so special. We were presented with clues and sealed envelopes for each portion of our trip. Every stop had several activities so if the weather or schedule changed we had options to choose from… I highly recommend Unique Events for planning for your next evening out or special getaway."

~ Kristen and Geof