Seeds of Faith

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Smaller than New Jersey but a history of global proportions. Israel, a seed of faith, is layered with tales of glory, horror, miracles and strength. The journey begins in Tel Aviv, a vibrant modern city. I felt at home as if New York and Miami had come together across the globe.

Tel Aviv is a brimming with startups and technology making it full of young entrepreneurs and all the amenities they desire.

There is a plethora of dining options, a wonderful beach and the haunting of modern history reaches out.

Visit Ben-Gurion House, a museum honoring David Ben-Gurion the first Prime Minister of Israel whose history and insights bring the past to life.

More recently the memorial to Yitzhak Rabin, simply placed on the street reminds us of the constant struggle for peace.

As with any major city there are many choices for hotels. In Israel the Dan Hotels are an excellent choice for service and dining and its an Israeli hotel group. Consider the Dan Tel Aviv for your stay.

Once you venture beyond Tel Aviv the depth of Israel’s past opens like a great book. Jerusalem is only about an hour from Tel Aviv. Take time to view the Western Wall, a holy site still filled with contention. Perhaps one of the most fascinating parts of Jerusalem is ‘Old Jerusalem’.

We walked through the four quarters, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian. Each street offers a different charm and feel, discover delicious tastes from the local stands. Try the falafel or buy some fresh fruit. Take in each enticing scent and appreciate the amazing diversity.

Despite being small there is a great deal to see as history has been uncovered by archeologists and those who live a simple life still permeate the land.

Perhaps two highlights for my trip with my daughter were the Dead Sea, yes you will float, followed by a mud bath and historic Masada. You can reach the top of Masada, a Unesco World Heritage Site, by walking the long snake path or relying on the cable car.

Remember when visiting Israel to check the temperatures and the holidays.

Andrea SavitchSeeds of Faith
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