Lifestyle Travel

What is it that you enjoy? We can find a perfect travel experience based on your personal lifestyle, which matches you up with others that enjoy the same things.

There are so many different lifestyle-themed vacations now, you’ll surely find a trip that appeals to you. Whether you’re into culinary and wine, literature, history, or adventure. We offer trips for singles, LGBT vacations, couples only, and families with children as well.  Allow Unique Travel to match you up to the perfect vacation suited for your unique lifestyle.

Get Your Thrills

Adventure – Does your heart skip a beat when thinking about zip lining over the forest or swimming with the sharks? Do you have that one place you really want to experience? We’ll partner with you to find that next great adventure.
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Treat Your Senses

Each sense dances with a culinary tour, brilliant colors on your plate, aromas to make you swoon with delight, that warm wonderful feeling when the perfect flavor and texture intertwine for your tastebuds. We will find that perfect mouthwatering experience.
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Romance on the Rails

Rail travel offers us landscapes and luxury with a sense of yesterday. Whether you discover the beauty of the Rockies, the culture of Europe or the wonders of Africa, there is a rail journey we craft that special experience for you.
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Indulge in relaxing and rejuvenating massages. Renew your heart, mind and soul with a wellness week. Ask us to find the best one for you.
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LGBT Vacations

Focused primarily for gay men, Atlantis Events has been organizing incredible vacations for over 3 decades.
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