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Unique Travel Events is pleased to announce that owner Andrea Savitch has achieved Trusted Travel Advisor Status through Travel Leaders Network.

This status has been earned though hard work and learning the best way to serve travelers.



What do you need to travel?

For international travel a passport is required. But what about the USA?

Starting May 3 2023 the TSA will require a REAL ID for domestic flights. This is an enhanced drivers license.

Visit your state’s DMV website for instructions.

Plan ahead and get your REAL ID this year and begin your passport renewal at least 6 months before it expires.


How to make the most out of working with your travel advisor

For some people calling a travel advisor is automatic, for others its a totally new experience.

Travel Pulse offers some good advice.


Flying and your ears

If you have flown on a jet then you probably have had that uncomfortable feeling in your ears. This article explains why our ears pop and how to make ourselves feel a little better.

Thank you Conde Nast Traveler.


Holland America’s Volendam Will Become Temporary Home for Ukrainian Refugees

Holland America Line’s Volendam will be used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees as part of an agreement announced by Netherlands and City of Rotterdam government officials. The ship will dock in Rotterdam for three months to provide a temporary home for approximately 1,500 Ukrainians, part of a larger commitment from the Netherlands to accommodate 50,000 people who fled the war in their homeland.

For decades the cruise industry has been there to assist those in need. This is just one more great example.


US lifts ‘Travel Health Notice’ for cruising after two years

Cruising is a favorite way to travel for many. The last two years have often been frustrating as we worked to keep everyone safe.

The CDC has determined that we can cruise again.

Travel Daily Media shares information about the change. Learn more here


When traveling outside the USA you need to consider how you are going to pay for anything, from a cup of coffee to a piece of art.

Most places where travelers/tourists are welcome accept credit cards, Visa and Mastercard are the most popular. American Express and Discover may not be accepted.

Also, many credit cards charge a fee when purchasing outside the USA, so the cup of coffee for a few Euros is less expensive with cash than the credit card.

It’s always good to have some local currency with you. Whether its Euros or the West African Frank. Euros are fairly easy and quick to get from your bank or currency exchange businesses. While the American dollar is accepted in a lot of destinations, its not accepted everywhere. So check before you leave.


Chances are you haven’t seen a metal key for a hotel room or cabin on a ship in a while or ever.

Typically you get a plastic card that you push into a slot.

But even that has evolved to cards that you simply hold up to the door, or a bracelet or charm that does the same thing.

You will see more and more advanced technology. For example, according to Travel Mole, Holland America Cruise lines is installing a facial recognition system for checking in to your cruise.

Overall you will see less paper and more apps and technology as you explore the world.

The Big C

Awareness of what you need to do to visit a foreign destination and what you need to do to come home, in regards to COVID, changes regularly. One of the best resources for that type of information is sherpa. It is easy to navigate, accurate and used by travel professionals.

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